Shopping at EB has its privileges.  We know sometimes you get tired of your favorites or that sometimes you just want to make room for more.  Because we want to make sure you love your EB items forever, we offer our in-store customers the opportunity to earn 100% EB store credit for their past EB purchases once a year at our Swap Sale.

Every July, customers can bring in their past EB merchandise for us to sell, and customers will then earn 100% EB store credit from anything that does sell!  (Yep. It’s that easy.)  We will price the items from $5-$50, depending on the condition & original value when purchased.  Even better, everyone can shop the swap for great deals on pre-loved EB favorites!

Details for the consignee:  

Please bring in to the store clean, gently worn EB clothing on hangers, handbags + scarves only during the posted drop off dates.  *NOTE that you will be charged a $1 processing fee per item* All hangers will be given back to you on the day of the drop off. 

Any items that are sold will earn you store credit. Store credit is available 1 week after the swap has ended. Credit will expire at the end of December.

Customers have the option to donate or pick up any of their unsold items. Any customers who wanted to pick up their items, and do not do so by the posted date, will have their items donated. 

Customers must call the store beginning 1 week after the Swap Sale has ended to find out if they earned credit. EB will not be making any phone calls. 

Swap Sale Testimonials:

"I love that I can swap my clothes from past seasons and use that credit I earn to buy the newest styles! I also love that EB makes it so easy for me to swap. I just drop off and EB does the rest! Couldn't be easier!" - Kathy, 58

"I've been participating in the EB Swap Sale since it's inception, as both a seller and buyer. Not only do I end up with great store credit for items I've had my eye on, like the designer jeans I want for the fall or the dress I've had my eye on for an event, but I also get to buy high end boutique clothing at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, I feel good about donating what doesn't sell to a local charity to benefit women right here in my community. I look forward to the Swap Sale twice a year. Thanks Beth!" -  Alison, age 49


"I love the EB Swap for so many reasons: 1) It motivates me to clean out my closet. 2) It earns me a little extra cash to reinvest into some new key wardrobe staples. 3) You never know what cool items you'll also find to purchase at a fraction of the original price. Everything is in great condition. 4) Denim, it's my addiction and there are always plenty of sizes and styles. We know jeans look better with age!" - Jen, age 45


"I don't participate in the Swap part of the Swap & Shop but I definitely shop it! I love getting boutique styles for less. I love shopping the racks of clothing for affordable pieces that fit my budget at this time." - Lauren, age 28