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ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who often have overcome extraordinary circumstances. If we are to end generational poverty, society must create jobs for women lacking opportunity.  

[BAGS & WALLETS] Left to Right

The Mihiret Bucket Bag in Black $178

The Selam Crossbody in Fog $148

The Debre Wallet in Cognac $58

The Tigist Clutch in Black $98


[Neko Ineko]

Niko Ineko represents a new vision of modern aesthetics and spiritual minimalism

through vegan designed handbags.

 Crossbody Bag $130  Shoulder Bag $115  Bucket Bag $130  Backpack $115  Weekender Bag $120

Crossbody Bag $130

Shoulder Bag $115

Bucket Bag $130

Backpack $115

Weekender Bag $120

[Moda Luxe]

The perfect handbags that are unique and trendy in design, but also carries characteristics of functionality, flexibility, and comfort.

[Details] Left to Right

The Dawson Crossbody in Burgundy $80

The Dawson Crossbody in Black $80

The Camden in Navy $90

The Rockefeller in Black $90

The Asher Backpack in Black $90

The Julian in Tan $100

[Hudson Valley, NY Re-usable Tote Bags by APOLIS $68]

These every day market bags are made enduring quality that will last you for years! They can hold at least up to 135 pounds and has a waterproof interior that is durable and easy to wipe clean. One of the best parts about these bags is that they are handcrafted by women who receive fair trade wages, annual profit dividends, and retirement funds. Purchasing these bags helps break the cycle of poverty, all while helping you carry all of your daily essentials! Whether it be used as a beach bag, or a bag to hold all of your fruits & veggies from the farmers market, you will forever  love this tote!

For more info about these bags & the cause, please visit apolisglobal.com 

Elizabeth Madsen