Meet the EB girls!


Beth: Owner/Founder 


1. Favorite Instagram blogger or influencer? It’s hard to choose just one! My favorite fashion and home bloggers are: @jessannkirby @kirstenblowers @amberinteriors and @studiomcgee 

2. Last meal on earth? I have a few! Either mac and cheese, lobster (already prepped for me), or a Burgerfi Conflicted Burger with a side of fries + garlic aioli (a must)! We’re not counting calories here!

3. How many tattoos do you have? 2! One on my foot with a saying I love, “The journey is the reward,” but I hate the physical tattoo. The second one is a wolf on my forearm, which I love! 

4. What item(s) in your closet can you not live without? My White and Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap! I have two and they’re worth every penny!

5. What’s your style? Classic Casual and a little Boho. I love clean lines.

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? Yes, I played softball and basketball but I was not good. I was more comic relief + support :)


Evelyn: EB Stylist 


1. What is your favorite cocktail? While my husband and I were in Madrid celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in March of 2020 (the pandemic cut our trip short!), we fell in love with a drink called “yayo.” A yayo is a mix of vermùt and gin with a splash of soda water. You can garnish with a slice of orange and a skewer of olives. I like to add a splash of olive brine to my drink. The Madrileños (people of Madrid) love vermùt (vermouth)! 

2. Favorite 2021 fashion trend? I’m very curious about the balloon pants. I may give those a try!

3. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when COVID is over? I’m going to start planning my reverse 15 party (15 reversed is 51)! I turned 50 this year and wasn’t able to celebrate it to the fullest.

4. Last song you listened to? Dua Lipa “Levitating”

5. What’s your style? I’d say my style is a bit eclectic and easy. I like to be comfortable and add a pop of color or a trendy piece to my outfit. Since the Pandemic, I’ve leaned more towards comfortable and casual!

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? I was a cheerleader in high school and I wasn’t that good but I had fun!


Lauren: EB Stylist                                                       


1. Name one makeup product you can’t live without. Ok, this is hard because I can't live without many of my products! I guess if I HAD to only pick one it would be my mascara. I've used Maybelline Volum' Express Rocket Mascara for as long as I can remember! I know it's nothing fancy and it's like $6 at Target but I love it. And it has to be waterproof. 

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix? Currently, I'm watching Shameless on Netflix. I'm obsessed. There are 10 seasons on there so I've been watching it for a while (and committed to finishing it before I start a new series!)  It's pretty rude and crude so if you don't like that kind of thing don't watch lol.

3. Sweet or salty? Salty 100%! I hate candy, cookies, ice cream, all of it. I can have a huge bowl of Halloween candy on the counter for months and have no desire to even eat one piece.  Give me some Cheez-Its, Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar chips or some popcorn and I'm a happy girl!

4. What can you not leave the house without? I never leave the house without my makeup bag! I don't know why because I never open it once I leave the house, but, I just have to have it with me! Is that weird? It's like my security blanket or something. I think I have a fear of some huge zit appearing on my face and nothing to cover it with (even though I never get zits).

5. What’s your style? My style is all over the place honestly. I'm a mom of 3 so most days I don't look cute.  When I do dress in something other than leggings and sweatpants I love a cute dress with black tights, that's my jam! When fall hits and I can wear my black tights again I'm very happy! In the spring and summer, I love a good flowy dress with a jean jacket. I guess I would say my style is feminine and casual.

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? In high school, I did track and field. I was a sprinter (my longest race was 400m) and I did the triple jump as well. I was really good but I hated it! On mornings that I had track meets, I would try to feign illness to get out of going, but my mother never believed me lol. To this day I HATE running (that's probably why)! Thanks, Mom. 


Alexa: Stylist + Assistant Buyer


1. Favorite Instagram blogger or influencer? I have a bunch of faves, but these are my top 3: @andandreastyle (Australian boho clothing/style), @laurenliessandco (boho interior design/clothing style) + @edbdesigns (California coastal interior design).

2. Favorite 2021 fashion trend? Wide Leg Denim and oversized tops!!!

3. Last song you listened to? Sedona by Houndmouth - Not necessarily the last song but it keeps playing in my head!

4. How many speeding tickets do you have? I've been pulled over for 6 potential speeding tickets, but was found not guilty for all of them.... so NONE! (Beth says to ask her about the time her car got towed)

5. What’s your style? Comfy, casual, effortless boho - def prefer warm-weather style!

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? Yup! I played field hockey and ran track/hurdles. I could have been very good but didn't "apply" myself - they were purely social activities for me (plus I HATE running!).


Xenia: EB Stylist


1. What is your dream vacation? Tibet & Japan! I’ve always thought Tibet was one of the coolest places ever! And after a recent trip to Hawaii, I fell in love with the culture and food of Japan. I hate flying, so since I made it to Hawaii I can make it to Japan.

2. Last meal on earth? Vegetable stir fry & a large bowl of cucumbers (I was just going to say cucumbers, but I thought everyone would think that’s weird)  

3. Sweet or salty? Salty! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

4. How many speeding tickets do you have? Only 2 or 3 and never got out of any of them. My husband gets out of all of his! 

5. What’s your style? Classic Casual and once in a while I step outside my box...a little.

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? I’m really a  runner and ran track and cross-country, but my coach told me to stay in shape over the winter and play basketball. I was an awesome defender, but had no idea what to do with the ball! 


Emilie: Social Media + Website Manager 


1. Who is your style icon? Devon Carlson! She's a model and the founder of Wildflower phone cases. Her style is very eclectic and could be seen as a little odd sometimes, but I love it!

2. What is one fashion trend you hate? This is definitely an unpopular opinion, but I hate denim on denim. I think it looks great on other people just not on me!

3. Colorful or neutral nails? Colorful! I used to paint my nails all the time, but now I just go to the nail salon to get them done because I love trying out new nail trends I see on Instagram or Pinterest!

4. Favorite fast food restaurant? Chipotle without a doubt! Mexican food is my favorite! 

5. What’s your style? Trendy, minimal, and a little boho- honestly, it depends on my mood!  

6. Did you play a sport in high school and were you good at it? I played lacrosse all of middle school and most of high school, so you'd think I'd be good at it but no, I was very mediocre. My best friend and I actually quit our senior year and became the "managers," so we could bake cookies for everyone and still hang out with our friends. I’ve always wished I was good at it though! 

March 19, 2021 — Elizabeth Madsen